Our Plans

All our Monthly Packages for email marketing comes with 7 days * Money Back Guarantee!

Monthly Plans

Monthly LimitDaily LimitPackage Price3 Months Price6 Months Price1 Year Price
100,000 Emails10,000 EmailsNot AvailableNot AvailableNot Available3,000.00 AED
300,000 Emails20,000 Emails Not AvailableNot Available4,000.00 AED7,200.00 AED
500,000 Emails 20,000 Emails1200.00 AED3,600.00 AED6,000.00 AED10,800.00 AED
1 Million Emails50,000 Emails2000.00 AED6,000.00 AED10,000.00 AED18,000.00 AED
2 Million Emails100,000 Emails3500.00 AED10,500.00 AED17,500.00 AED31,500.00 AED
3 Million Emails150,000 Emails5000.00 AED15,000.00 AED25,000.00 AED45,000.00 AED
4 Million Emails200,000 Emails6,000.00 AED18,0000.00 AED30,0000.00 AED54,000.00 AED
5 Million Emails250,000 Emails7,000.00 AED21,000.00 AED35,000.00 AED63,000.00 AED

Pay as you go

PackageNumber of EmailsEmails per DayPriceExpiry
Sliver100,000 Emails10,000 Emails2,000.00 AED1 Year
Gold250,000 Emails10,000 Emails3,800.00 AED1 Year
Diamond500,000 Emails20,000 Emails7,200.00 AED1 Year
Infinity1 Million Emails50,000 Emails11,000.00 AED1 Year
  • All Email lists must be clean.
  • We don’t allow SPAM.
  • Bounce rate will be less than 2%.

* If your account cause our IP in blacklist due to SPAM we reserved rights to deduct the money for that.